Manifesto Project

So, I was reminded I kinda like this blogging thing; and I've had an idea bubbling around in my brain for a while.

Politics is a rum old game; you vote for an individual because they're a good candidate (or you like his tie, or because her party is the one your parents voted for, or whatever), and then at the end of the election we get a new government based on the emergent combination of the results of 600-odd local contests, and most people switch off politics for the next five years.

There are good and bad points to the way the political system runs at present, but that's not quite what I'm focussing on here. What I'm interested in is this: what are the policies I would like to see a candidate, or a party, standing for? If they had no coalition of support to build, no special interests to appease, what should a would-be government plan to do?
And can I get other people to stick their oars in? I mean, I'm a generalist, and I like to think I'm pretty well informed, but there are bound to be consequences to my suggestions that escape me.
I aim to make this a series of posts over the next couple of (few?) weeks, gradually exploring more areas of public policy and government action. This might just help me to bring some order to my own thoughts; hopefully it will be of interest and/or use to other people.

All posts will be linked to here:

Role and Purpose of Government

Security I - Defence

Security II - Home Office

Security III - Ministry of Justice

The first one should go up later today, and will be starting with the basics: in broad brush-strokes, what is the purpose of government, and thus what is its role in national life?

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