Do we have a date, dear?

I have this ongoing problem of how to persuade my app to listen out for word from the calendar on the front page [for a quick reminder, that looks something like the below:]
I need this page to notice when a date has been entered; save the date somewhere accessible for all other parts of the app; then call up the next page of the app.

As my last few posts have alluded to, this is where not having worked with Android or Java before is really kicking my arse - because this is basic stuff, and I'm having to do a lot of reading and looking at example code to figure it out.
As a result, some of my code may be more apt for an entry on The Daily WTF than Google Play [as the name suggests, the Daily WTF is a blog exposing code that makes programmers go WTF!?]. That in itself doesn't trouble me, as long as it works.

So, with no further ado, here's the next bit I've been working with.

        if(WedDate.matches("")) {
        Intent intent = new Intent(this, SplashScreenActivity.class);
        startActivity(intent); } 
To give a little background, this is in WLA, the main view for the app - and before loading, it is checking whether there is a value for WedDate. If one exists, then great - the app can continue in this page. If however the app doesn't know the date of the wedding, it loads SSA to ask the user for it.
As best I understand it, this is the best way to do things - I don't want to load WLA and then force new users to navigate away from it, and I don't want to make regular users faff about with the date before going on to do useful things.

So far so good - no errors being marked by Eclipse here! Doesn't mean there won't be a problem at run-time, of course, but...baby-steps.
On to SSA, and what we do when the user inputs a date.

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