The reason for my absence

I have been having far, far too much fun diving right into the courses at Udacity. I will raise one caveat - the instruction is very Youtube-heavy, so if your Internet is slow the experience could be somewhat frustrating.

That said, the instruction is engaging; the pace is good, and the diversions entertaining. I have also greatly appreciated the fact that you generally only sit watching/listening for a couple of minutes before you are asked to once more engage brain and do something.

Having initially focussed on the introductory course, because all the material for it is accessible now, I already feel that I have a reasonable grasp of Python.
Incidentally, as well as teaching me a wholly new programming language (shiny!), I've had a refresher on some of the principles of Object Oriented Programming, which is handy
Give it another couple of days working at it, and I expect that I will have achieved the initial promise, of writing a search engine.
Yes, that's right, using Udacity, Python and a few days of my time, I too can create a Google! Cue maniacal laughter.

Oh - and one last thing - it isn't too late to sign up!

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